source site Here are several more reasons to choose Soft Landings…

  1. The Soft Landings Home Inspection Report describes problems found with color photo and it recommends solutions.
  2. The full-color Soft Landings Home Inspection Report is very simple and easy to read.
  3. You will find nothing in the Soft Landings report that is distracting or unimportant.
  4. The report contains the following…
    1. Description of items that need repair or replacement
    2. Description of what routine maintenance is needed to preserve your home’s new condition.
    3. Description of conditions that pose a potential or immediate risk of personal injury.
    4. User’s Manual type information that explains your home’s systems and will serve as an aid to you for years to come.
  5. The report is presentable to you on-site immediately following the inspection, and emailed to you that evening or the very next morning, at the latest.
  6. After you receive your report, anytime you have questions or concerns, I encourage the buyer to call me if there are any other questions.  It is important to me that you are informed, satisfied, and able to save money by me explaining to you how to do the some of the work yourself.

All homes have problems; how, when, or whether you address the problems is entirely up to you.

go To get a price quote and schedule an inspection text or call (805) 807-7334, or send an  email.