Until you have experienced a catastrophic event, to the point of relocating where you live while repairs are being made, it is difficult to understand how important and valuable an inspection can be.

How do I know the home is ready for inspection?

CREIA, the California Real Estate Inspection Association, offers a checklist to help prepare for a property inspection. Click here to download a printable version.

What should be my greatest concern?

Water Damage is far and away the most common, high-cost risk.  Common causes are bursting washing machine or ice maker lines, leaks of all kinds in the bathrooms, kitchen, and roof, and the water heater.

An undetected leak like this...

An undetected leak like this

...or code violation like this...

…or code violation like this…

...can lead to this...

…can lead to this,

Water Damage 3

…or this.

Fire is very costly.  Common causes are problems with the fireplace or chimney, misuse of electrical cords, faulty appliances, reversed polarity electrical sockets and other electrical code violations.


A code violation like this

Reversed Polarity

…or a miswire like this


…can someday lead to this.

Why can’t I inspect the home myself?

Even the most experienced homeowner lacks the specialized knowledge and expertise of a dedicated, professional CREIA Certified Home Inspector who is very familiar with all of the elements of home construction, proper system installations, and maintenance.  He knows how things fail and the tell-tale signs of initial degradation.  Above all, most buyers find it difficult to remain completely objective and unemotional about the house they really want, and this can and certainly may impair their vigilance and judgement.

See also CREIA’s FAQs.

pict--interaction-arrows-arrows---vector-clipart-library.png--diagram-flowchart-example  Next: Inspection Day  A home inspection is a very serious activity, intended to discover present, developing, and latent risks to your health, safety and investment.