It is very good for you to attend the inspection, most importantly at the end.  At that time we can walk around and I will show you first-hand what I found, describe how certain systems operate, and what sort of things to watch for and maintain to protect your family and investment.

Electrical Panel A great inspector has a strong belief that problems do exist, and that it is his job to find them. 

A home inspection is a very critical activity, intended to discover safety hazards, and latent and developing risks to the property itself.  This requires that I follow my process in a rigorous and professional manner.

It is the same in commercial aviation.  They follow the Sterile Cockpit Rule, an FAA regulation requiring pilots to refrain from non-essential activities during critical phases of flight, normally below 10,000 feet. The FAA imposed the rule in 1981 after reviewing a series of accidents that were caused by flight crews who were distracted from their flying duties by engaging in non-essential conversations and activities during critical parts of the flight.

Unprofessional home inspectors jeopardize the quality and value of their report by allowing themselves to be distracted and engaged in a lot of conversation during the inspection itself.


buy Lamictal with no prescription Over and under, and down and around, I rigorously follow a systematic procedure to assure that I look at everything.

Here is a nice and isotretinoin from mexico informative description of a home inspection from American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI).  As an ASHI Member,  I enthusiastically attend their conferences and educational courses.

The inspection of an average home typically takes two hours.

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