Gary Schwarz, CREIA Certified Home Inspector, #165599

Attic Inspection

go to link Going deep to find serious problems in the most remote locations.

It is very easy to for an inspector to stick his head into a dark and dusty crawl space or hot attic and call it good, rather than going in deep, really believing that there may be a very significant problem waiting to be found.

A Quality Inspection is about Caring

I gaze carefully on every feature of the home, so I can report with integrity and confidence that I looked at everything.

I understand that inspectors have the last “eyes on”, and when inspectors fail, bad things happen and people get hurt.


As a General Contractor and Handyman, I’ve found and fixed practically every sort of problem caused by nature, wear and tear, and unprofessional installation.

Handyman work is down and dirty, and invaluable to gaining better insight into where hidden problems are, assess their severity, and recommend the best solutions.  

boeing 2

I am also highly experienced in the Quality Engineering and Inspection of military, space, and commercial aircraft, systems, and components. 

Quality Through Process 2

The Soul of Soft Landings is summed up in a variety of mottos such as this very good example at the entrance of one of hundreds of Aerospace and Defense contractors I have worked with to achieve Flight Safety and Mission Assurance. Every skill and experience from here has a direct counterpart and application in Home Inspection.

It is the focus

of Soft Landings Home Inspection

to build lasting relationships

through superior service.

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